Small Cereal Bar Making Machine Oatmeal Machine

Small Cereal Bar Making Machine Oatmeal Machine

It can produce oatmeal chocolate bar, puffed millet cake, puffed rice chocolate bar, etc, and can finish mixing, filling, forming, cooling and demoulding automatically by itself, the front process of filling materials just need one man, the machine can finish 3T/H ,and it take small room, the length is only 6.5 meters including the cooling machine, it is the smallest machine of oatmeal chocolate bar in China.

Product Details


Oat Chocolate Bar Making Machine

Oatmeal Chocolate Forming Line is applied to the production of chocolate, oatmeal, millet, peanut, nut, and any other granule particle mixed . The working principle of this line is the autom- atic production of the full combination between the freezing, forming technology.

PLC control, auto-frequency control

man-machine touch interface to detect the levels of the liquid and solid material. Overload protection to alarm when there is something wrong, and to show it on the touch screen.It can mix chocolate, nut butter, fruit, or cereal with other particle food; the product loafs are varied and can be customized.The whole production line includes: moulds, mixing and forming unit, cooling unit, packaging unit.

Oat Chocolate Machine

 Features of the Oatmeal Chocolate Forming Line

1.Processes as following: mixing, filling, forming bar, cooling, and demoulding.  

2.High capacity up to 200-400kg/hour with 10 trays per minute.

3.If you want to change your product, it can be changed by mold easy and freely.

Production process:
Sugar pulverizer—Melting tank—Conche machine—Pump—Holding tank—Oat conveying and lifting machine—Oat chocolate forming unit (feeding, mixing, feeding, homogenizing, flexible compaction, leveling, die molding, mold conveying, cooling, demoulding, finished product delivery, sieving)—Finished lifting machine—Conveying and distributing machine—Automatic packaging machine


Technical Parameters


Installed Capacity

Voltage / Frequency





6.5 x 1.5 x 2.7m


Mold Quantity

90 pcs


10 trays per minute


380V 20kw




6500 x 1500 x 2700mm

Equipment Involved

Forming Machine x 1 set

Freezing Tunnel x 1 set

Molds x 1 sets (includes 90   pcs forming moulds, 1 pressing mould and 1 de-moulding mould)

Mould Conveyor x 1 set

Cooling System x 1 set

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