Chocolate Oat Bar Making Machine

Chocolate Oat Bar Making Machine

It is very popular, heathy and delicious food in the market at present.
This oatmeal chocolate forming machine has largest capacity.
It adopts automatic computer control and advanced design.
It is equipped with cooling system.

Product Details


Oat Chocolate Bar Making Machine

Wheat chocolate equipment is the latest product developed by our company. It can produce oat chocolate, corn crisp, rice chocolate, etc. The machine automatically completes the whole process from stirring, blanking, forming, freezing, and mold removal. The previous blanking process requires a human, that It can complete the output of 3 tons / 8 hours, and the machine covers a small area, with a total length of only 6.5 meters including the freezer, which is the smallest oatmeal chocolate equipment in China.

The shape of the sugar cubes is up to you. A variety of shapes can be changed at will, and the replacement is very convenient, and it only takes 20 minutes to complete.



ISO9001 Certificated Quality Oatmeal Chocolate Equipment/Machine/Making  Machine/Machinery, the shapes can  be round, cylindrical, square, semi round,  triangular and blossom, etc.
Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.

Technical Parameters


Installed Capacity

Voltage / Frequency





6.5 x 1.5    x 2.7m

Key Equipment Show

Commissioning & After-sales Service
1. We make accurate factory layout design according to customer’s factory size; if the customer needed, we could make workshop design with electricity power, water supply, gas power, material storage, final storages, worker’s restroom, etc.
2. After delivering machines to client’s factory, we start to apply for the Visa to client’s country immediately; normally the vessel needs 20-60 days to the required port, so we have enough time to get the Visa. While the machines arrives your factory, our engineers are ready to start for the commissioning service.
3. 1-2 of our engineers will go to your factory to install and adjust the processing line to realize normal production at shortest time.
4. Our engineers have responsibility to train and teach the workers how to operate, clean, maintain and repair all the machines, until the workers could well operate the processing line.
5. It normally costs 10 days for the commissioning service, and we supply 1 year guarantee from the date of completion of commissioning service.
6. The engineer’s round-trip flight tickets, accommodation and daily salary USD 100 are on client’s account.


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