Sesame Bar Machine

Sesame bar machine can be used for producing all kinds of muesli bar and granola bar. The automatic cereal bar machine is multi-functional machine for producing cereal bar,granola bar,muesli bar,seeds bar,energy bar,fruits bar,peanut brittle,sesame brittle,rice candy,etc.

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Sesame Museli Bar Cutting Machine

Sesame bar are welcome in some country, such as India, Dubai, UAE, Turkey, etc. Lots of sports will choose  the sesame bar to replenish energy. Sesame bar machine have big requirement in those country. 

Sesame bar cutting machine have three roller to press the sesame bar. The height of roller could adjust the height and press the sesame bar thin or thick. There are two cutter, crosswise cutter and longtitudinal cutter. It could change the machine size, bigger or smaller. 

We also could change the last roller texture to make the shape various. 

Our machine could customized accorrding to different customer requires. 


Brand Name: DARIN

Type: DRC-75

Capacity: 200-300kg/hr

Dimension: 6200*1000*2000

Workers Needed:3-4 workers

Machine Photo

Sesame bar manufacturer will make different size to meet the different people requries. Such as bigger square size, round thin size, square shape, wave thin shape. For meeting those requires, our machine will design the market requirement.  

Sample Photo

Sesame bar made by material sesame and syrup. 




2019 Gulfood Machine Show in Dubai.  Darin take mini cereal bar cutting machine and test this machine at darin booth. 


Oat Rice bar in below photo we made at Gulfood.


Package and Delivering

Our factory

This is Darin Factory, factory space is 4000 sqaure meter. There are lots of granola bar machine, muesli bar formin g machine and mini bar machine show at our factory. Welcome to visit our factory at any time. 

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