Peanut Candy Bar Cutting Machine

DRC-75 granola bar cutting machine is equipped with two sets rollers to press the raw materials flat, then cut to required size by transverse and longitudinal cutting.

Product Details


DRC-75 Granola bar cutting machine is mainly used to make rectangular shape engery bar. A variety of ingredients can be used as raw material, like peanut, oat, pop rice, dry fruits, sesame, coconut etc. The binder can be sugar syrup, honey, date paste, chocolate etc.

Cereal Bar Making Machine/Peanut Brittle Production Line is suitable to make cereal bar / peanuts bar, caramel treats, sesame plate and other product made of granule materials. The raw material can be rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, broomcorn, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, etc, and berries such as goji, raisins, cashew, nuts could be also be added.

This line is made up of pressing machine, length cutting machine, breadth cutting machine. The exterior of the machine is made with type 304 stainless steel; it is suitable for automatic forming for swelled candy rice, Sachima, nut crisp, peanut brittle etc.

This machine is suitable for flatting and cutting the peanut bar. Automatic cutting ,Time saving, labor saving, economical and convenient.If you need to change another width size, only change the cutter shaft.Frequency control,flatting and cutting for one time.With With multiple level structure, pressed flat, uniform thickness.With multiple flat structure,pressed flat,uniform thickness.Automatic cutting ,Time saving, labor saving, economical and convenient.

Machine Feature

muesli bar machine

  1. Configuration:

    WEG or Siemens motor

    Siemens PLC and touch screen

    Cover body is made of stainless steel.

    Electric parts: ABB or Delixi

  2. Voltage: Customize as client's local voltage.

  3. Raw material: peanut, oat, pop rice, dry fruits, sesame, coconut etc

  4. Cutting: transverse and longitudinal cutting.

  5. Language on touch screen: multi language optional, like Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian etc.

  6. Equipped with two sets of rollers, 6 cooling fans.

Sample Picture

DRC-75 (2)_

The conveyor belt effective width is 540mm. Different sizes can be made by adjusting the tansverse and longitudinal cutting system.



Darin provide standard export wooden case, suitable for long terms transportation.


Darin factory_副本

Established in 2006, Darin is a fast growing manufacturer for automatic food processing machine. The leading machine includes:

Cereal bar molding machine

Muesli bar cutting machine

Mini granola bar former

Corn flakes extruding line

Core filling snack extruding line

Nutrition powder extruding line


All Darin machinery are CE approved.

Now Darin is making efforts to make all machine high automatic. Keeping automation, quality and services always in mind, Darin is doing better and better.

Peanut candy cutting and forming machine is to cut peanut into rectangle shape, and it is an essential machine in peanut candy production line. A pressing roller at the front of machine is able to press sticky peanut candy into uniform shape. In addition, peanut candy cutting and forming machine is equipped with 3 fans that can cool the peanut candy in the case of sticking the machine. With automatic operation and excellent effect, it is widely applied to produce puffed rice candy, rice crispy candy, peanut candy, seed candy, sesame candy and caramel treats.

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