How It's Made Muesli Bar/Small Granola Bar Former

Mini Granola Bar Former can be used for producing rectangular shape cereal bar.

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How It's Made Muesli Bar/Small Granola Bar Former


DARIN's mini muesli bar former with auto sorting packing line can make rectangular shape snacks bars with various taste. You can use cranberry, blueberry, peanut, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, puffed rice etc as raw materails. You also can use many different flavor to make the taste more delicious and crispy. This is much more polular in current market. 

Muesli bar can replanish the energy to everyboday's brain and body, when you tired, you can eat muesli bars to make you more peart; when you want to keep fit, you cau use the muesli bars as meal replacement. This would be most young's good choise. Healthy food is much more popular nowadays.


Capacity60-80pcs per min
Workers Needed1-2

Machine Photo


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All of our machines get the CE certificate. 

Mini Granola Bar Forming Line

Package and Delivering

Before delivering the machine, we will clean the machine and film packed. Using non-fumigation wooden box to pack the machine. 

Delivery-cereal bar cutting machine

Our factory

This is Darin Factory, factory space is 4000 sqaure meter. There are lots of granola bar machine, muesli bar forming machine and mini bar machine show at our factory. Welcome to visit our factory at any time. 

Factory 1 (1)Factory 2


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