Mini Granola Bar Former With Packing Line

The automatic cereal bar machine is multi-functional machine for producing cereal bar, granola bar, muesli bar, seeds bar, energy bar, fruits bar, peanut brittle, sesame brittle, rice candy,etc.

Product Details

2020 Hot Sales Mini Granola Bar Former with Packing Line


Mini Granola Bar Former can be used for producing rectangular shape cereal bar.

  • The pressing roller is made of food grade HMWHDPE material, more healthy with anti-sticking function. The side of roller mark the scale. Customer could accurately adjust the height of roller to meet the different thickness product requirement.

  • The useful width of cereal bar cutting machine is 170mm.

  • Controlled by PLC with touch screen with friendly interface.

  • Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.

Raw Material
A wide range of ingredients can be used as raw material, like oats, pop rice, peanuts, sesame, raisins etc. The binder can be sugar syrup, dates paste, honey etc.

The bar shape is rectangular by pressing and cutting. The size is adjustable.

Machine Picture

2020 Hot Sales Mini Granola Bar Former with Packing Line未命名_副本02

Technical Parameter

MachineMini Granola Bar Former
Material Hopper Size540 x 450 x 350mm
Hopper Volume8L
Conveying Belt Width180mm
Product width30-150mm
Product thickness10-30mm
Dimension3000 x 600 x 1500mm

Sample picture

Mini Granola Bar Forming Line


2020 Hot Sales Mini Granola Bar Former with Packing Line


1. We make accurate factory layout design according to customer’s factory size; if the customer needed, we could make workshop design with electricity power, water supply, gas power, material storage, final storages, worker’s restroom, etc.

2. After delivering machines to client’s factory, we start to apply for the Visa to client’s country immediately; normally the vessel needs 20-60 days to the required port, so we have enough time to get the Visa. While the machines arrives your factory, our engineers are ready to start for the commissioning service.

3. 1-2 of our engineers will go to your factory to install and adjust the processing line to realize normal production at shortest time.

4. Our engineers have responsibility to train and teach the workers how to operate, clean, maintain and repair all the machines, until the workers could well operate the processing line.

5. It normally costs 10 days for the commissioning service, and we supply 1 year guarantee from the date of completion of commissioning service.

6. The engineer’s round-trip flight tickets, accommodation and daily salary USD 100 are on client’s account.

2020 E-catalog for Human Snacks Extrusion Machines

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