Corn Flakes Extruding Processing Line

Corn Flakes Extruding Processing Line

It is not just a combination of machines, but an integrated process starting with raw material feeding and ending at the packaging room. Having the ability to add vitamins, protein concentrates and fiber further enhances the ranges of products possible with the corn flakes system, thus allowing you make the right product for each market segment.

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 Corn Flakes Extruding Processing Line


Corn flakes produced in China include light corn flakes, sweet corn flakes and salted corn flakes. Light corn flakes are brown and sweet

Corn flakes are yellowish brown, and salted corn flakes are yellow.

Corn flakes was invented by Keith Kellogg (1860-1951). In the early 1890s, he and his brother conducted a lot of experiments, trying to find new ways to eat cooked cereals. After a series of attempts, they accidentally discovered that the rolled soft pieces of cooked wheat were turned into thin slices. After roasting, it can become a breakfast food with high nutritional value.

Then the Kellogg brothers successfully applied this technology to corn through further experiments. In 1906, Keith Kellogg founded the Battle Creek Cornflakes Company, which became the WK Kellogg Company. Since then, they have vigorously promoted the promotion of corn flakes, until corn flakes have become a kind of convenient and healthy food that is deeply loved by the audience. Just a bowl, some milk, a spoon, a spoonful of sugar and a box of corn flakes, and you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.



Technical Parameters







Installed Capacity



Space needed

35 x 5 x 3m

42 x 5 x 3m




Workers Required

4-6 Workers

6-8 Workers

Why Choose Us?

1.Motors are from WEG, Brazil, which has 3-year world-wide guarantee or Siemens;
2.Electric parts are from ABB or Schneider, easy to find replacments at local market;
3.PLC and touch screen are from Siemens, Germany to realize easier operation and less labor quantity;
4.PLC and touch scrren controls whole processing line, not one or two single equipment;
5.While faults occurred, relevant information will be displayed on touch screen, easy to settle the problem;
6.Control cabinet has 24V safe voltage (not 220V), which could protect the operator even electric leakage occurred;
7.Three kinds of protectors to keep machine and operator safe: over-current protector, over-voltage protector and over-heat protector;
8.All the cover body, mesh belt and parts touching with materials or final products are made by stainless steel 304.

Sample picture

Complete circle for production of corn flakes, which has regular shapes and tasty taste. Continuous, automatic and economical process with an easily controlled production cycle.

corn flakes extruder machine

Machine picture

Corn Flakes Extruding Processing Line

Machine made stainless steel. 

End product exhibiting the best combination of texture, color and flavor base on an accurate control of the conditioning, drying and toasting stages of the process.

Unlimited choice of shapes and formula for shaped cereal, fully automatic and continuous processing procedures.

Clients from all over the world

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We attend worldwide food exhibition. Really hope have a chance to meet you.

 Corn Flakes Extruding Processing Line

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