Corn Cereal Flakes Extruding Line

It is not just a combination of machines, but an integrated process starting with raw material feeding and ending at the packaging room. Having the ability to add vitamins, protein concentrates and fiber further enhances the ranges of products possible with the corn flakes system, thus allowing you make the right product for each market segment.

Product Details

 Extruded Breakfast Cereal Processing Plant 

How does the breakfast cereal production line work?

Corn Flakes Extruder serves to gelatinize flours and starches continuously and automatically. After dosing, the materials are worked by two co-rotating screws composed of sectional modules for the following functions: forward and backward transport, mixing, de-gassing, cooking, and forming.


Ø  The inside structure is made by painting steel, but all the parts touching with the raw material or products are made by SUS304;

Ø  A wide range of puff snacks with different formulations can be obtained;

Ø  The use of a continuous automatic process provides greater production outputs than offered by traditional systems, with savings in energy and reduced management cost;

Ø  Using PLC and touch screen to control the extruder, having friendly and clear interface;

Ø  Automatic dosing unit for utilization with any type of flours and starches (size should be 60-80mesh);

Ø  The screws are made by 38CrMoAIA with the hardness of 55hrc, which is hard and strong;

Ø  Barrel is divided into 3 parts and made of allay steel with hardness 55hrc.

Ø  The barrel and the screws are modular in structure. Each module is equipped with its own heating ring with electric heating rings;

Ø  Auto-temperature control system makes the temperature more direct and the parameter more precise;

Ø  The cutter is equipped with 1-4pcs cutters for face cutting of the product out of the extruder. The location and speed of the cutter can be adjustable.

Ø  The forced lubrication system, so that it can guarantee the equipment transmission life longer;

Ø  Equipped with a safety device and safety switch, which can sense any abnormal conditions and shut down automatically;

Ø  Special tool for quick changing the dies;

Ø  Self-cleaning function: after each shift, it can be cleaned without disassembling;


Technical Parameters







Installed Capacity



Space needed

35 x 5 x 3m

42 x 5 x 3m




Workers Required

4-6 Workers

6-8 Workers

Sample picture

Complete circle for production of corn flakes, which has regular shapes and tasty taste. The continuous, automatic, and economical process with an easily controlled production cycle.

corn flakes extruder machine


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