Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereal Snacks Processing Line

Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereal Snacks Processing Line

Corn Flakes Extruding Line produces corn flakes, breakfast cereals, and puff snacks similar to Kellogg and Nestle products, the shapes and sizes can be various. Complete circle for production of corn flakes, which has regular shapes and tasty taste. Continuous, automatic and economical process with an easily controlled production cycle. Thanks to the particular process conditions, the finished product having long lasting crispness in milk due to minimal damage of the cereal's starch structure during processing. End product exhibiting the best combination of texture, color and flavor base on an accurate control of the conditioning, drying and toasting stages of the process. Unlimited choice of shapes and formula for shaped cereal, fully automatic and continuous processing procedures. It is not just a combination of machines, but an integrated process starting with raw material feeding and ending at the packaging room. Having the ability to add vitamins, protein concentrates and fiber further enhances the ranges of products possible with the corn flakes system, thus allowing you make the right product for each market segment. Based on low density, strong product structure and low permeability, breakfast cereals made on Corn Flakes Processing Line are excellent for coating with sugar solutions. Various solutions range from cost-economic to advanced, also for packing machine; electric, gas and oil can be power.

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Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereal Snacks Processing Line

Introduction for Corn Flakes Procesing Line

This production line is a fully automatic production line developed and produced by Darin through production and practice, combined with foreign production technology. The raw material was changed from corn kernels to corn flour at the beginning, and the cooking method was changed to continuous operation using a twin-screw extruder. Granulation was also completed on the extruder at one time. By pre-drying and tableting, the product was more uniform. Taste better. High-temperature baking makes the product's flavor more prominent.

Advanced industrialized equipment and assembly lines have formed the following modern corn flake production processes:
Corn flour, sugar, salt, other nutrients → mixed ingredients → twin-screw extrusion and curing → cutting and molding → pre-drying → tabletting → high-temperature baking → corn flakes

corn flakes line

Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereal Snacks Processing Line

Corn flakes production process description:

1) Ingredients: The ingredients of corn flakes are very important. The seasoning must ensure a good taste, especially the requirements of corn raw materials, which is directly related to the ability to make high-quality corn flakes products. content.

2) Extrusion ripening: The process of extruding and curing of corn flakes is the key to producing high-quality corn flakes. When Will Keith Kellogg invented the corn flakes, the process corn must be fully matured without any puffing. Only in this way can dense, hard and crispy corn flakes with outstanding flavor.

3) Cutting: The material after extrusion and maturation of the twin-screw extruder is cut into granular materials of the same size, and the materials are translucent.

4) Pre-drying: The cut and formed materials enter the dryer for pre-drying. After the surface is dried, a certain tension is formed, which no longer adheres to each other, which is conducive to the smooth progress of tabletting.

5) Tableting: The tableting process is also the key in the production of corn flakes. The requirements for the tableting machine are very high. The surface of the roll must have a high degree of smoothness, and the roll must be constant temperature.

6) High-temperature roasting: Whether the corn flakes product has a hard, crisp, dense structure and outstanding corn flavor, the roasting process is very important.

7) The baked corn flakes are corn flakes products after cooling. At present, there are also many corn flakes for post-processing, sugar-coated, salt-fried or chocolate-coated, mostly based on market demand.

The entire assembly line is reasonably matched, and the entire process can be controlled, so that you can produce nutrition and delicious breakfast corn flakes while improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing market competitiveness. The production line can also produce breakfast cereals of various shapes.

Corn Flakes/Breakfast Cereal Snacks Processing Line

【raw material】

Corn flour, rice flour, etc.


Corn flakes, oatmeal, oatmeal, etc.

【Production Process】

Raw material mixing → conveying → extrusion puffing → screening → pressing → drying → cooling → packaging

【Device Configuration】

1) Powder mixer 2) Screw feeder 3) Twin screw extruder

4) Vibrating screen 5) Air conveyor 6) Tablet press

6) Air blower 7) Multi-layer oven 8) Cooling line

9) Packaging machines, etc.

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