Puff Snack Production Line

Puff Snack Production Line

Puff snack production line uses twin screw extruder to make hollow puffed snacks, while the core filling machine injects cream, chocolate, peanut butter etc into the snacks. Different flavors core fillers is injected into the snacks food that achieve co-extrusion, and enrich its taste of puffed snacks.

Product Details


Puff snack production line uses twin screw  extruder to make puff snacks, a variety of ingredients can be used as raw material like corn flour, rice flour, wheat flour, etc.

Cream, chocolate or peanut butter etc can be filled into snacks to make core filling bars.

Many tastes are available by coating different flavors, like spicy, salty, sweety, seafood etc.

Three capacity for choice: 150kg/hr, 150-200kg/hr, 200-250kg/hr.

Besides puff snack production line, Darin also provides corn flakes extruding line, nutrition powder extruding line, cereal bar machine, mini granola bar former, muesli bar cutting machine etc.

Moisture: If high expansion is required in a low moisture product, finelymilled forms of harder endosperm types will give excellentresults. If the product requires low to medium expansion, some of the hard material may be replaced by soft flour; and for lowexpansion in a dense product such as breading crumb, soft flourmay be used. Maximum expansion degree is closely related to starch content. Maximum expansion is obtained with pure starches (an increaseof 500% in product diameter), followed by whole grains (400%)and with lower expansions for seeds or germ (150-200%); the starch content of these products is 100, 65-78, 40-50 and 0-10, respectively. The minimum starch content for expansion is 60-70%. In the extrusion process of expanded products with low moisture, the expansion of the final product is inversely related to themoisture of the raw material and directly related to the increasein extrusion temperature; however, the effect of moisture is more significant.

Factors influencing the degree of puffing of snacks during extrusion. The amount of moisture in the feed material, dough residence time in the extruder barreland cereal particle size. To manufacture expanded products, the pressure and temperature are increased, while the moisture level is accurately controlled. When the product exerts the extruder throughthe forming die, the change in atmosphericpressure causes the internal moisture to turnto steam. This puffs the fully-cooked doughinto an expanded product.

Common Ingredients Extrusion technology, have led to more diverse and complex formulations for snack foods. The most common source of ingredients is corn, wheat, rice, potato, tapioca, and oats. A major ingredient in snack formulation is starch. In its natural form, the starch is insoluble, tasteless,and unsuited for human use.To make it digestible and acceptable, it must becooked.

Main Machine picture

double screw extruder

The screws are made by 38CrMoAIA with the hardness of 55hrc, which is hard and strong;

Barrel is divided into 3 parts and made by allay steel with hardness 55hrc. Outside the barrel, there has ceramics heating elements with longer service life.

Auto-temperature control system makes temperature controlling more direct and the parameter more precise;

The forced lubrication system, so that it can guarantee the equipment transmission life longer;

Self-cleaning function: after each shift, it can be cleaned without disassembling;

The level of protection is IP44, and the wiring is 10mm2 waterproof cooper core wire with 3 phases and 4 wires, includes ground protection.


Five layer structure can prolong the drying time and reduce the coverage area;

Side guard to prevent products falling from the belt;

Various speed inverter drives for five layers;

Auto temperature control system with the temperature range between 15-180℃;

The body is well sealed to prevent any heating leakage, and thus reduce the savings in energy;

Equipped with special thermal-protective coating to prevent any burnt or scald to the workers;

Three kinds of power available: Electric, gas or oil.


1. Delivery Term: FOB Qingdao, by vessel

2. Delivery Time: 45 working days

3. Package: We could supply Export Standard Wooden Case, suitable for long trip and loading & unloading.

4. Installation / Operation / Service / Maintenance Manual: In English

5. Machine Drawing / Layout: Detail in AutoCAD format (as for actual workshop)

6. Installation team: Commissioning service provided for 7-10 days. The client bears the technician’s round-trip flight tickets, accommodations and daily salary .

7. Warranty: One year from the date of completion of the commissioning

8. Pre-shipment Inspection: Supplier should trial run whole line at supplier’s factory before shipment.

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