Chocolate Enrobing Machine

Automatic chocolate coating machine/ tempering covering machine/ chocolate enrobing line with cooling tunnel For sale for enrobing different kinds of chocolate products such as cereal bar,wafer,cake,biscuit,wafer stick,etc.

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Chocolate Enrobing Machine

1. The machine can coat chocolate on one side of the product or both sides.

2.  3 independent working zone

3.  hot blow, CIP coating mouth could be adjusted in any directions

4.  The chocolate quantity used for coating is controllable. After the product surface going through the hot air rectifier, extra chocolate will go back to the mixing tank and realize recycle.

5. The machine body is made of A3 Carbon steel, connected by welding or bolt, making the machine more tough and durable.

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Darin is a fast growing manufacturer for automatic food processing machine. The leading machine includes: For human foodCereal bar molding machineMuesli bar cutting machineMini granola bar formerCorn flakes extruding lineCore filling snack extruding lineNutrition powder extruding line.

DARIN provides you the most high-grade chocolate enrobing machines and solutions. With the darin Enrobing line, your production is embedded with efficient, reliable, and world-class machinery. Whether your products require chocolate, compound, or sugar-coating, we have the right solution for you.

Since 1998 we have developed chocolate enrober technology that leaves your products with the perfect end results. We take great pride in offering you the best engineering and innovative chocolate enrobing machine solutions, which also applies to partners in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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Discover a patented energy-saving chocolate enrober technology that allows significantly decreased energy usage with simultaneously increased chocolate quality.
Our industry-leading patented solutions provide incomparable enhancements for your production, regardless of the size.

The new and energy-saving chocolate coating concept deviates from the traditional methods. Complementing an Energy Enrober with a SuperNova Energy tempering machine, you can expect 50-80% in energy savings.

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