Chocolate Coating Equipment

Chocolate Coating Equipment

This machine is a special equipment for coating snacks with chocolate. It can coat on the surface of all kinds of foods,such as candy,cake and biscuit ,etc. with thick chocolate liquid,creates many kinds of chocolate products with various flavors.

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Chocolate coating machine

Chocolate Coating Machine is a special equipment for producing colored chocolate varieties. It can dip chocolate paste on a variety of food surfaces, such as chocolate coating on puffed, nuts, cakes, biscuits and other candy and pastry biscuits.Darin series chocolate The coating machine achieves the purpose of coating by continuously dip-coating the chocolate slurry through the slurry in the slurry bucket through the slurry material underneath; the material cylinder is removable and easy to clean, only It must be easily disassembled to remove the tank from the machine for cleaning.

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Chocolate coating machine Biscuit coating equipment Multifunctional food brushing machine Chocolate coating machine can dip chocolate paste on a variety of food surfaces, such as candy, cake, wafer, biscuit, moon cake and dried fruit. You can choose to coat all surfaces of the food, or you can choose to coat the bottom of the food.

Option 1:
The material of the convey belt is PU. The speed controller is inverter.The interface with chocolate material are made of stainless still SS304,the heat preservation board are fiber.
Option 2:
The material of the convey belt is PU. The speed controller is inverter.All are made of stainless still SS304 except the standard parts. Simens PLC with touch screen.

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I.Features and uses:

1. When pouring food, the wire speed can be adjusted according to the process requirements.

2. Thickness requirements, the fan air volume can be adjusted, and the slurry sizing thickness is generally between 1 and 1.5 mm.

3. It is a color fudge, crispy core sugar, a candy, a waffle, a puffed food, etc. The outer layer is coated with a layer of chocolate, which has improved the grade and richness of the original product, and is favored by people.

II, the main structure

The coating machine is mainly composed of sizing coating and cooling setting and automatic adjusting belt deviation, and the belt is automatically pulled by three major mechanisms.

III, the working principle

The coated food is manually placed on the mesh surface because the motor drives the barrel agitator shaft and drives the sizing belt.

The coating machine can be fully coated and semi-coated. For half-coating, just close the sizing pipe valve, open the bottom hopper valve, and start coating the bottom. The chocolate slurry in the holding tank is injected into the pouring hopper through the slurry pump.

When the coated food is transferred by the mesh belt, it is poured with chocolate when it passes through the slurry bucket.

When the chocolate coated food passes through the hot air vent, the air volume can be adjusted to make the coating surface blow evenly.

The conveyor belt is connected to the conveyor belt and automatically enters the cooling tunnel. The residence time of the paint food in the tunnel is generally 6-8 min

Cooling Tunnel_05.jpgTechnical Specifications:
Conveyor belt width (mm): 400
Mesh belt width (mm): 360
Mesh belt speed (m/min): 0-4 (adjustable)
Conveyor belt speed (m/min): 0-4 (adjustable)
Overall power (kw): 7.5
Cooling tunnel standard length (m): 10
Cooling tunnel temperature: (ºC): 0-8
Syru supply capacity (kg/min): 0-30kg
Weight (kg): 1900
Dimension: LX850X1800mm ( the length depends on customer's requirement)
PLC control

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