Mini Granola Bar Former

Mini Granola Bar Former

Mini granola bar former is new designed by Darin, suitable for small food production factory. It can use a variety of grains as raw materials, such as peanut, nuts, sesame, pop rice, oats etc. Bar size is adjustable.

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Mini Granola Bar Former can be used for producing rectangular shape cereal bar, it is a good choice for small food production factory. 

A variety of ingredients can be used as raw materials, like sesame, peanut, nuts, raisons, pop rice, oats etc.

Mini bar former


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Mini granola bar former





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1. The machine capacity is 40-60pcs/min, bar width and thickness is adjustable.

2. The pressing roller is made of food grade HMWHDPE material, more healthy with anti-sticking function. The side of roller mark the scale. Customer could accurately adjust the height of roller to meet the different thickness product requirement.

3. The useful width of cereal bar cutting machine is 170mm. Bar length range is 80-130mm.

4. Controlled by PLC with touch screen with friendly interface.

5. Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.

Support machinery

1. Sugar melting machine

Sugar melting machine

This sugar melting cooking pan uses gas as power, can melt sugar and mix with the raw mateirals. The volume is 100L.

2. Pillow packing machine

pillow packing machine

Pillow packing machine is used to pack granola bar. We have different model for choice like LSU-220, LSU-350, LSU-350, LSU-450 etc. Also we can provide auto feeding line to work with the granola bar former to be full automatic line.

We showed this machine at Gulfood 2019 in Dubai, and attracted lots of visitors.

Mini granola bar former_副本 Granola bar former



Darin provide standard export wooden case, strong enough for long terms transportation and multi times loading & unloading by trucks and forklift.

Recommend machine

1. DRC-65 Cereal bar molding machine, suitable to make cereal bar with different sizes and shapes. Capacity 250-250kg/hr.

cereal bar machine 1

2. DRC-75 Cereal bar cutting machine, make same product with mini granola bar former, but the capacity is much bigger, about 400-600kg/hr.


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