Cereal Bar Moulding Line

Cereal Bar Moulding Line

Cereal-bars are made of processed cereal grains that can be incorporated with different ingredients, such as whole cereals,dehydrated or crystallized fruits,chestnuts, nuts, almonds, sugar, candies, chocolates, etc.

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Cereal Bar Moulding Line


Selection of raw materials and careful matching:

According to the balanced dietary principle of "food diversification", cereal bars are carefully selected from a variety of raw materials, from cereals to beans, from seeds to fruits, and have rich sources. They are also carefully selected from many parts of the world and carefully matched.

Safe and secure, convenient and delicious:

Grain bars are processed in a non-fried form, made in more than 10 processes, and set a number of safety indicators to carry out strict testing to make consumers feel at ease.

The crispy grains of the cereal bar are paired with sweet and sour concentrated fruit pulp, and the taste is novel and delicious; with independent packaging, it is convenient to carry and clean. Whether it is a break between classes, working overtime, or before and after exercise, you can eat as much as you want, with nutrition.


cereal bar molding machine
Our advantages for Puffed Rice Production Line: Cereal Bar Moulding Line


Save the artificial, a skilled can operative three machines


Shorter time, puffed corn takes only six minutes once


Energy savings: Unit finished lower energy than the ordinary type


Safe and convenient operation: four safety insurance, provincial testing,reduce labor intensity, user-friendly design, easy operation workers


More convenient to collect the material, the inclined position of 35 degrees to discharge the material collected


All-round shock, equipment and guide, gauge durable


Low noise design


Combined procedures into one: Filling materials - Forming shape - Cooling cereal bar - Demolding cereal bar - Conveying & cooling cereal bar.

Purpose: Cereal Bar Moulding Line
Used for the rice,corn,wheat,barley,beans and other food's puffing shap.


Why choose us?

1. 21years experience.

2. Specializing in the production and sale of food machinery and packaging machinery.

3. Provide warm and friendly service and after-sale service.

4.The total workshop area is more than 5,000 square meters, with more than 60 employees.

5.The machines have passed the CE system certification, are exported to all parts of the country, and exported to many countries.

6.Our Cereal Bar Forming Machine is patented machinery which is hot-sale to over 40 countries.

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