Cereal Bar Forming Making Machine

Cereal Bar Forming Making Machine

Cereal-bars are made of processed cereal grains that can be incorporated with different ingredients, such as whole cereals,dehydrated or crystallized fruits,chestnuts, nuts, almonds, sugar, candies, chocolates, etc.

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Cereal Bar Forming Making Machine

1. Eating breakfast to provide the body with the nutrients needed

Without breakfast, it will be difficult to obtain the daily recommended nutrients and vitamins. Foods such as oats, milk or low-fat yogurt can provide sufficient calcium and fiber.

2. Eating breakfast helps to lose weight

When moving on an empty stomach, the body slows down the rate at which it burns calories to provide energy. Nutrition experts believe that eating breakfast helps increase the metabolic rate. This means that fat can be burned more effectively. But experts also pointed out that the type of food you choose is very important. Foods composed of simple carbohydrates (such as doughnuts) can cause dramatic fluctuations in glucose levels in the body. This is why I feel hungry before lunch.

3. Promote brain function

A study by Swansea University of Wales found that students who eat breakfast have a 22% higher academic performance than those who do not. Because breakfast can make up for the glucose and glycogen that were consumed the day before. Glucose is one of the energy forms needed by the brain, and if the amount is insufficient, it will make people feel tired.

4. Prevent heart disease

Studies have found that if healthy women do not eat breakfast for 2 consecutive weeks, the level of bad cholesterol (high-density fat white) will increase. The women who ate a bowl of oatmeal and milk every day did not change. The researchers explained that fiber can bind cholesterol and excrete it from the body before it enters the artery. This also confirms the theory that high-fiber foods help reduce the risk of heart disease.


Brief introduction: 

1. Mechnical pressing & rubbing, does not hurt nuts, which means there is no waste.

2. The parts and materials that the machine can contact with food have the characteristics of non-toxic, oil-resistant and high-temperature resistant to the human body.

3. The machine includes material feeding equipment, flatting equipment, cooler, crosscutting and rip cutting equipment, conveyor and control of electric devices.

4. Adopt micro computer to adjust the product size automatically.

5. Continuous production of the entire machine.

cereal bar molding machine
Our advantages for Cereal Bar Forming Making Machine


Save the artificial, a skilled can operative three machines


Shorter time, puffed corn takes only six minutes once


Energy savings: Unit finished lower energy than the ordinary type


Safe and convenient operation: four safety insurance, provincial testing,reduce labor intensity, user-friendly design, easy operation workers


More convenient to collect the material, the inclined position of 35 degrees to discharge the material collected


All-round shock, equipment and guide, gauge durable


Low noise design


Combined procedures into one: Filling materials - Forming shape - Cooling cereal bar - Demolding cereal bar - Conveying & cooling cereal bar.

Purpose: Cereal Bar Forming Making Machine
Used for the rice,corn,wheat,barley,beans and other food's puffing shap.


Why choose us?

1. 21years experience.

2. Specializing in the production and sale of food machinery and packaging machinery.

3. Provide warm and friendly service and after-sale service.

4.The total workshop area is more than 5,000 square meters, with more than 60 employees.

5.The machines have passed the CE system certification, are exported to all parts of the country, and exported to many countries.

6.Our Cereal Bar Forming Machine is patented machinery which is hot-sale to over 40 countries.

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