Bird Food Bar Making Machine

DRC-65 Bird Seeds Forming Machine can be used for producing Bird Seeds with different shapes and sizes by changing the molds.

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Bird Food bars are made of processed different grains that can be incorporated with different ingredients, such as whole corn, sunseeds or millet, wheat, worm, etc. 

DRC-65 Bird Seeds Forming Machine with Pellet Mold( Diameter is 30mm, Thickness is 20mm)


Mixer Tank Size: 390 x 380 x 410mm

Material Hopper Size: 450 x 400 x 300mm

Mixer Tank Temperature:0-70℃

Mold Quan.: 39pcs, includes

- Forming mold x 36pcs

- Pressing mold x 2pcs

- Demolding mold x 1pcs

Forming Mold size:509 x 173mm

Effective mold size:380 x 140mm

Min. distance between mold cavity: 11mm 

Power: 10.8kw

Weight: 1200kg


7000 x 1200 x 2000mm

  1. The conveying belt is made by PTFE to avoid the materials sticking on the belt, also meet food grade.

  2. Using a high-performance frequency inverter, easy-adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.

  3. After forming procedure and demolding procedure, there have fans to cool down the cereal bar to normal temperature.

  4. Easy operation, clean, and maintenance.

Wild Delight Birdseed Bar Making Machine

Brief introduction: 

1. Mechanical pressing & rubbing, do not hurt nuts, which means there is no waste.

2. The parts and materials that the machine can contact with food have the characteristics of non-toxic, oil-resistant, and high-temperature resistant to the human body.

3. The machine includes material feeding equipment, flatting equipment, cooler, crosscutting and rip cutting equipment, conveyor, and control of electric devices.

4. Adopt a microcomputer to adjust the product size automatically.

5. Continuous production of the entire machine.

Bird seed bar Machine

The process of Bird Seed bar making machine: Filling materials - Forming shape - put the stick to mold--Cooling cereal bar - Demolding cereal bar - Conveying & cooling cereal bar.

The sample of birdseed bar. 

Bird Seed Bar forming machine

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