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This process line use rice,corn,beans and all kinds of grains as raw materials. Through extruding, inflating,drying,crushing and mixing, it could produce many kinds of nutrition power, such as baby rice powder, sesame paste, beans powder and so on. This line could finish all the process automatically from the feeding to the end. It has features of easy operation, without leak of powder dust, sanitation, saving energy and easy to add all kinds raw materials and nutriment.

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Powder nutritional supplement making machine baby food extrusion equipment nutritional powder processing line

The nutrition powder production equipment can use various kinds of cereals and various nutrient components with stable performance as raw materials, and after drying and extruding the starch-like gelatinization and denaturation, the defects of easy absorption of the oily gelatin in the raw materials are reduced, thereby making this article The nutritious rice noodles produced by the nutrient rice expansion equipment have special superior properties for human body absorption and nutrition. And with the least amount of space, in the shortest time, the user can absorb the various nutrients needed by the body to supplement the body energy. It is especially suitable for elderly people who need to simplify the absorption process, children who need to absorb nutrients at a speed, and white-collar workers who need to minimize preparation time.


This line of nutritious rice flour equipment production line, including the following equipment:

Process flow: 

Raw material preparation→mixing powder→conveying powder→extruding→drying→flavoring

Equipment configuration: Mixing machine→Spiral feeding machine→Quenching and tempering→Double screw extruder→Wind conveyor→Five-layer eight-meter oven→(Smashing packaging)

flour mixer


Flour mixer, used to stir all kinds of powdery raw materials, add appropriate water, and mix them evenly.Screw conveyor: convey the mixed raw materials to the hopper of extruder.
Double screw extruder to make the puff balls.Big hoister to convey the small balls to the roaster.
5 Layer dryer to dry the balls.Grinding machine to grind the small balls into powder and mixer with nutritional additives.

Features & Advantages

baby 4

Stainless Steel Nutrition Powder Making Machine uses rice powder, corn powder as the main raw material, and some other vitamin and mineral material can be chosen as the products required.
The material is extruded into rice shape by the single-screw extruder, and dried to needed moisture content.
The extruding technique makes Twin - Screw Extruder Artificial Rice Making Machine possible to strengthen the micronutrient in the rice and solidify it.
Packing and delivery

• Inside package is plastic film, outside is wooden or plywood case(based on the customers' need).
• Only plastic film nude packing with wooden pallet.
• We can supply fumigation package and certificate.
• Shipping, train, express or upon clients' demands.

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