Nutrition Powder Machine

Nutrition power machine use rice, corn, beans and all kinds of grains as raw materials. Through extruding, inflating, drying, crushing and mixing, it could produce many kinds of nutrition powder, such as baby rice powder, sesame paste, beans milk powder and so on.

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Brief introduction:

1.The model is DR65 the output is 100-150kg/h.
2.Extruder screws quantity is two.
3.The main body material is stainless steel, which is easy to be cleaned.
4.The screws material is 38CrMoAl, which is wear-resisting.
5.The processing line needs two workers to operate.
6.We advice the plant area is no less than 100 square meters, the length is no less than 20 meters.

Nutrition powder process line is researched and developed based on the foreign advanced technology. It improved the traditional cooking method to high temperature, high pressure, and extruded in 5 minutes, meanwhile it can denaturate the starch from the grains, be in favour of absorbing. The nutrition powder has higher nutrition than traditional craft.

III. Process composition:

nutrition powder

1. Mixing machine: Mix the raw materials into the nutrient additive and mix with a certain proportion of water.
2. Feeding machine: transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of the extruder.
3. Extruding machine: the raw material in the feeding hopper enters the extrusion system to produce granules.
4. Air delivery machine: the particles are transported into the oven.
5. Multi-layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted between 0-150 degrees through the control cabinet, the inside is a stainless steel double-layer mesh bag, baking time can be adjusted according to the speed, go out of moisture.
6. Big hoister: deliver the baked pellets to the grinding machine
7. Grinder & blender: grind into different fineness products according to requirements.
IV, nutritional powder production line company services
1. Provide various basic formulas;
2. A variety of shapes to choose from;
3. Installation and commissioning;
4. Responsible for training personnel;
5. Free warranty for one year.


Baby food and Nutritional powder making machine could produce  many kinds of nutrition power, such as baby rice powder, sesame paste, beans  powder and so on.

baby 3

Standard export wooden case, suitable for long terms transportaion on the sea, and multi times loading & unloading by trucks or forklift.


Darin Factory

Darin is a fast growing manufacturer for automatic food processing machine. The leading machine includes: 

Cereal bar molding machine

Muesli bar cutting machine

Mini granola bar former

Corn flakes extruding line

Core filling snack extruding line

Nutrition powder extruding line

Now Darin is making efforts to make all machine high automatic. Keeping automation, quality and services always in mind, Darin is doing better and better. And sincerely to cooperate with clients from all over the world.

Darin factory_副本



1. Could we visit your factory to check the machine carefully and closely?

You’re more than welcome to visit Darin, will provide machine test running, face to face discussion and turnkey project design solution.

2. Could you afford technician team to guide our installation and commissioning?

Oversea commissioning service provided, our technician will help to install the machine, and teach local workers about operation and maintenance. Buyer should pay for the technician's round flight ticket, accommodation and salary.

3. How long is your machine's guarantee time?

One year since the machine arrive your factory.

4. If some parts break after warranty, what should we do?

Darin supply full-life after sales service, whenever new parts needed, we will help to supply new ones at reasonable price & in shortest time.

5. If we show our workshop size, can you design layout for the whole line?

Auto CAD layout will be provided as client’s workshop size.

6. What is the material of the machine?

Stainless steel, especially parts contacting with materials, conforming to food grade.

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