Nutrition Powder Extruding Machine

Nutrition powder extruding machine is suitable to make instant powder, many nutritional ingredients can be added to assure the nutrition, is ideal product for infant.

Product Details

Nutrition powder extruding machine is one of the newly developed double-screw extruding techniques of our company. The traditional stir-fry handiwork has low efficient and less usable raw materials,and its sanitation and quality are difficult to control. The double-screw extruding technique makes up those lackness. It not only can process grain materials, like buckwheat,oats,etc.but strengthen the nutrients to produce multi-functional nutritional healthy food,such as slimming grain powder, buckwheat powder, black sesame paste,red Chinese date thick soup,etc.

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Brief introduction:

1.Belt transmission between motor and gear box, reducing energy loss.

2.Modular combination of screws can be satisfied to different raw materials.

3.Barrel with water injecting device, and automatic heating and circulating cooling system can make accurate temperature.

4.Inverters control feeder,cutter,and main driving motor strongly and stably.

5.Hanging mould and cutter base on line bearing adjusting device.

6.Adopted import bearing sets with stronger bearing capacity.

7.Automatic lubricating system reduces the power consumption and prolongs using life.

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Our advantages for nutrition powder machines


Motors are from WEG, which has 3-year world-wide guarantee;


Electric parts are from ABB or Schneider, easy to find replacements at local market;


PLC and touch screen are from Siemens, to realize easier operation and less labor quantity


PLC and touch screen controls whole processing line, not one or two single equipment;


While faults occurred, relevant information will be displayed on touch screen, easy to settle the problem;


Control cabinet has 24V safe voltage (not 220V), which could protect the operator even electric leakage occurred;


Three kinds of protectors to keep machine and operator safe: over-current protector, over-voltage protector and over-heat protector;


All the cover body, mesh belt and parts touching with materials or final products are made by stainless steel .



This machine can be used to produce baby rice powder, sesame paste, beans 
powder etc.


Ideal for leisure food factory, coffee shop, bakery, drinks shop, restaurant, fruit and vegetable processing factory and condiment processing factory,etc.

Features & Advantages

1.Professioal technical team designs production line to meet your demand.
2.Help our custom to develop the old production line and carry out new products.
3.Consult service before,during and after-sale.
4.Production line planning and design .
5.Factory lay out planning .
6.Debugging of equipments until producing products and everything is normal.
7.New production techniques and formulars.
8.Supply with 12 months wanttery and life-time maintenance.


Package & Shipping

We provide standard export wooden case, suitable for long terms transportation on the sea.

Darin is a fast growing manufacturer for automatic food processing machine. The leading machine includes: 

For human food

For Pet food

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Pet food extruding line

Muesli bar cutting machine

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Mini granola bar former

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Nutrition powder extruding line

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Darin manufacturers also supplementary machine like: extruding puffer, air puffer, sugar melting tank, mixer, puffing rice collector, chocolate coating, cooling  tunnel, types of cutters, continuous fryer etc.

Now Darin is making efforts to make all machine high automatic. Keeping automation, quality and services always in mind, Darin is doing better and better.

Darin, a very reliable business partner. Please send emails to learn more.

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