Baby Food Processing Line

Baby food processing line uses rice flour, rice flour etc to make nutritional baby food.

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Baby food processing line is mainly for corn  powder, millet, rice powder, wheat flour, soya meal, lotus root powder, dates  powder, sesame, etc.

Our double screw food extruders can cook the materials with high pressure and high temperature. But don't destroy the nutrients of the natural cereals. The puffed powder(flour) can be soluble in warm and hot water. So, it is a very convenient food on the market all over the world, especially for small babies.
After extrusion, the grinding group can gind the puffed material into good fineness powder. We equip full stainlessless grinding group which is without noise or dust pollution. Besides, all other machines are food grade stainless steel or materials. soybean powder production line.
After grinding process, we can get the puffed powder. If want to add milk powder, and vietamins, then the final nutrients mixing process will be very important. We can provide two dimensional mixers to complete this process.
We can also give solution and make machines to meet customers' higher quality product requirement.

nutrition powder_
Brief introduction:

nutrition powder machine

Flow chart:

Flour mixing-Screw conveying-Extruding-Hoisting-Drying-Grinding & blending-Packing

1.Flour mixer: to mix all ingredients with liquid.

2.Screw conveyor: convey the mixed ingredients to the extruder hopper.

3.Double screw extruder: cook and extrude small puff balls.

4.Big hoister: convey the small balls to the oven for drying.

6.Dryer: to dry the small ball.

7.Grinding machine: to grind the small balls into powder, and mix with other nutrition additives.

Our advantages for  nutrition powder machines


Motors are from WEG, Germany Technology, which has 3-year world-wide guarantee;


Electric parts are from ABB or Schneider, easy to find replacements at local market;


PLC and touch screen are from Siemens, to realize easier operation and less labor quantity


PLC and touch screen controls whole processing line, not one or two single equipment;


While faults occurred,relevant information will be displayed on touch screen, easy to settle the ;problem;


Control cabinet has 24V safe voltage (not 220V), which could protect the operator even electricleakage occurred;


Three kinds of protectors to keep machine and operator safe: over-current protector, over-voltage protector and over-heat protector;


All the cover body, mesh belt and parts touching with materials or final products are made by stainless steel .



All machines are packed with standard export wooden case, suitable for long terms transportation and multi times loading & unloading.

Darin Factory

Eastablished in 2006, Darin is a professional manufacturer for food machine processing. 

The leading machine includes:

For human food

For Pet food

Cereal bar molding machine

Pet food extruding line

Muesli bar cutting machine

Pet treat extruding line

Mini granola bar former

Meat strip machine with auto tray system

Corn flakes extruding line

Cold extrusion machine

Core filling snack extruding line

Pet treat injection molding machine

Nutrition powder extruding line

Rawhide bone pressing machine

All the machines are CE approved, and meet food grade.


Darin factory_副本



This machine can be used to produce baby rice powder, sesame paste, beans 
powder etc.


Ideal for leisure food factory, coffee shop, bakery, drinks shop, restaurant, fruit and vegetable processing factory and condiment processing factory,etc.

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