Pet Chewing Snack Machine

Pet treats extruder takes starch as raw materials with scientific configuration and was extruded from co-extruder, it can be made into many kind of shapes such as stick,bone etc. This kind of food not only provide protein,fat,vitamin ,nutrition for dogs, but also satisfy the dog nature hobby.

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Dog Snacks Making Machine

Pet Treats Production line, the raw material could use corn starch, rice starch, chicken live flour, peanuts flour, pumpin flour, vegetable oil, muddy flesh, water and gelatin. Buyer could adjust the formula according to your their local market requires. 

The material also could add the less 15% muddy flesh, the extruder have the 5 heating ring to heat the barrel and screw  balance to cook the mixed muddy flesh material. 

The machine use the PLC system to control the complete processing line. Only 2-3 staff to operate this line and less the labor cost. 

The Cutter also is the most important equipment at the pet treats producting line. The cutter could cut longer one such as 12cm, also cut the short dog treats such as 1cm.  It could adjust by PLC screen seting the number. 

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