Dog Chew Sticks Making Line

Dog Chew Sticks Making Line

This kind of food not only provide protein,fat,vitamin ,nutrition for dogs, but also satisfy the dog nature hobby.It has following features: strong teeth,clean mouth and teeth. The products can be in many shapes, like twist, bi-colors, core-filling and so on.

Product Details


Dog Chew Sticks Making Line

Molar stick is a pet toy or pet food. Its shape also combines the characteristics of dogs playing and eating, which can make dogs have fun while cleaning their mouth chews.

Chewing gum regularly can slow down the formation of plaque and tartar, which can effectively help clean the mouth, healthy teeth, and prevent bad breath. Some swallowable chewing gum products are rich in protein, fat, calcium and moisture. Dogs chew and adjust their appetite, which has the effect of preventing excessive obesity.

Machine Photo

Sample Photo: Dog Chew Sticks Making Line

Below dog treats sticks is dual color treats. The outside is one ingredient taste and inside is another taste. Healthy and good for dog treats. 


Below is one of customer and he plan to make the dog treats in his local market. 

Package and Delivering

Each machine will be packed well before delivering. 


Our factory

We have 4000㎡ factory and we could have a running the machen when you visit our factory.

This is our sales department and we will provide 24 hours service for you. 

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Dog Chew Sticks Making Line

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