Dog Treats Moulding Machine

Injection Molding is very repeatable technology. That is, the second part you produce is going to be practically identical to the first one etc. This is a wonderful characteristic when trying to produce brand consistency and part reliability in high volume production.

Product Details

Dog Treats Moulding Machine


Dog treats molding machine is popular in recent years, Darin's pet treat molding machine has been sold to USA, Mexico, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, South Africa, Korea, India etc. 

By changing the mold, a variety of treats with different shapes and sizes can be made. The mold can be customized as client's design or sample product.

The raw materials for the machine should be pellets, which could be made by our single screw extruder line.

A cooling tower or chiller will be needed to work with the molding machine, to cool the mold for easier demolding.

Sample picture

These samples are made in USA and Mexico client's factory. We can customize the mold as client's request. The popular shapes are toothbrush, bone, wheel, ear, crocodile etc.

Machine picture

The raw materials for the molding machine are pellets, made by starch, flour, bone powder, glycerol etc. We can provide pelletizer machine to make pellets for molding machine

Machine voltage can be customized as request, like 208v, 240v, 380v, 415v, 480v, 600v etc.

Support machinery like chiller, vacuum conveyor, final product collector etc can be provided also.

Client Visit

Darin pet treats molding machine are now running in more than 20 countries, like USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, South Korea, India, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania etc. More and more clients have seen the big potentional of injection molding dog treat and intend to buy this machine.

Package &  Delivery


    1. Could we visit your  factory to check the machine carefully and closely?

    You’re  more than welcome to visit Darin, will provide machine test running, face to  face discussion and turnkey project design solution.

    2. Could you afford technician team to  guide our installation and commissioning?
Oversea  commissioning service provided, our technician will help to install the  machine, and teach local workers about operation and maintenance. Buyer should  pay for the technician's round flight ticket, accommodation and salary.

    3. How long is your machine's guarantee  time?
One  year since the machine arrive your factory.

    4. If some parts break after warranty,  what should we do?
Darin  supply full-life after sales service, whenever new parts needed, we will help  to supply new ones at reasonable price & in shortest time.

    5. If we show our  workshop size, can you design layout for the whole line?

    Auto  CAD layout will be provided as client’s workshop size.



CE Certificate

CE CERTIFICATE provided, which strictly meet CE standards and EU countries import policy.

ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE provided, which strictly meet ISO 9001 standards.

a. Raw Materials: adopts corn flour, fish meal as raw materials

b. Products: different shapes are made by adjusting the dies from extruder

c. Flow chart:

Mixing system---Extrusion system---Injection system---Molding system---Packing system

d. Voltage in China: Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single phase: 220V/50Hz, we can make it according to customers` Local voltage according to different countries

e. Machines Materials: All the Pet treats injection machine are made by stainless steel, this line is with reasonable design and with high automation

Why choose us?

Q: Why us Darin? 
Darin: With more than 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing food machines, Darin feels proud and confident to introduce our machines to you and your esteemed company as one of the most competitive supplier in this business. What we strive to do all the time is providing innovative machines for our customers. 

Q: What materials Darin adopted in those machines? 
Darin: All the parts that touched with Darin will use food grade SS304, PU belt, strong carbon steel or appointed material for the bearing parts. 
High quality electronic components supplied by well-reputated company like Siemens and WEG.

Q: How to get a proper quotation with good price? 
Darin: Contact us directly and provide as more information as you can, like the product pictures, weight, capacity, voltage and frequency of the motor requested, delivery date if there's urgently need. Quotation will be sent to your inbox immediately once everything is clear. 

Q: When will the machines be shipped? 
Darin: Normally around 45 working days. 

Q: How to visit us if you're having a business visit in China? 
Darin: Our factory and office is located at Xinxu Industrial Park, Jinan, China. Send a text message in advance and keep in touch then we will arrange for your itinerary here according to your requirements. 

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