Dog Dental Brush Treats Pet Treats Molding Machine

Darin as the professional manufacturer of Pet Food Machines, also supply Cold Extrusion Pet Treat Machine, Auto Meat Strip Forming Machine,Meat Strip Machine, Pet Treat Machine, Pet Treats Molding Machine, Dog Treat Molding Machine, Pet Treat Molding Machine, Dog Chewing Bone Molding Machine.

Product Details

Dog Dental Brush Treats/Pet Treats/Dental Treats Injection Moulding Machine


New Condition Pet Treats Making Machine: This processing line is specially designed to produce pet daily and healthy food, also animal feed for every kind of animals. Normally using grains powder as main material, mixing with meat, bones powder, fish powder as a flavoring Through Adopting pre-conditioning system for raw material, it can increase capacity and reduce power consumption. This line would satisfy different demands for capacity and quality. At the same time, we focus on palatability and scientific nutritional proportion, which make pet food more easily digested and absorbed. On base of this line, we would like to reach a multi-level and comprehensive cooperation with every client in this trade.

1)  PID barrel temperature control: temperature abnormal & electrical wire breaking alarm.  

2)  SSR-solid state temperature controller.  

3)  Screw cold start protection.  

4)  Abnormal shot detection.  

5)  Output quantity and packaging quantity preset.  

6)  Clamping, injection and ejection, and carriage action (option) by touch screen.  

7)  Screw rotating speed read-out.  

8)  Security code function to avoid missing data or careless changing.   

We also have the relative pet food machine, such as Pet Food Extruding Line, Dog Chewing Treats Extruding Processing Line, Pet  Food Cold Extrusion Machine, Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine, Pet Biscuit Pressing Line.  

DM-268 Dental Care Chewing Injection Molding Machine could make lots of different various shapes. This kind of food could easy way to help keep dog`s mouth clean and his breath fresh with NDental Chews for  Dogs. These tasty chews are available in a variety of delicious flavors  dogs love, like filet mignon and chicken.

Dog Dental Brush Treats/Pet Treats/Dental Treats Injection Moulding Machine

Technical Parameter for Dog Treats Injection Forming Machine

Technical Parameter

Dog Dental Brush Treats/Pet Treats/Dental Treats Injection Moulding Machine

Sample picture

We have two type of mold for choice, cold runner and hot runner. Also the mold shape and size can be customized as client's sample or drawing. Removable letters or logo can also be added as client's request.

The mold are made of special mold steel, conforming to food grade and durable in usage.

Machine picture

Client Visit

Darin's pet trat injection molding machine have been sold to many countries like India, Mexico, USA, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, Germany, Holland, Hungary etc. More and more client already see the big potention of this product and come to visit our factory to discuss the purchase.

Package & Delivery

Darin provides standard export wooden case, all equipment inside the box are wrapped with transparent film, suitable for long terms transportation on the sea.

Installation in client's factory

We just installed the DM268 pet treat molding machine in Thailand, who bought our pelletizer and molding machine, to make bone product.



Dog Dental Brush Treats/Pet Treats/Dental Treats Injection Moulding Machine Run at USA, KOREA,EUROPE,INDIA,MEXICO,etc.


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