Pet Food Manufacturing Machinery

Pet Food Manufacturing Machinery

Businessman James Spratt introduced the first commercially-prepared pet food in England in approximately 1860. After seeing dogs being fed leftover biscuits from a ship, Spratt formulated the first dog biscuit: a mix of wheat meals, vegetables, beetroot and beef blood.

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Pet Food Manufacturing Machinery:

How to look at the ingredient list of cat food and dog food? Presumably, everyone should know how to consider, "The top three are better than meat flour", "The top three are meat supplementary products than wheat, corn, etc." Coarse grains are good, "because the order of ingredients in the ingredient formula table is arranged according to the number of ingredients. Just like the various skin care products bought by your girls, the first place of any toner is mostly water. Will be a variety of nutrients!

Although dogs are omnivores, wheat and corn will not cause many problems like cats, but if you eat only dog food made of these coarse grains, the meat protein intake will be small, and it will continue for a long time. Definitely malnutrition.

You know, the current manufacturers are not idiots, who will put the defects that everyone knows on the bright side? Everyone knows that wheat and corn are not as good as meat, so some manufacturers really add meat, but you have considered, where did the meat come from?





WEG Or Siemens

Electric Parts

ABB Or Schneider

PLC And Touch Screen



Cover Body, Mesh Belt And Parts Touching With Raw Materials Or Final Products Are Stainless Steel

Sample: Pet Food Manufacturing Machinery

Dog food is a nutritious food specifically for dogs. It is a high-grade animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed.

Its role is to provide the most basic nutrients for animal dogs to ensure life, growth and health. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding and prevention of certain diseases.



Q: Why us Darin? 

Darin: With more than 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing food  machines, Darin feels proud and confident to introduce our machines to you and  your esteemed company as one of the most competitive supplier in this business.  What we strive to do all the time is providing innovative machines for our  customers. 

Q: How to get a proper quotation with good price? 

Darin: Contact us directly and provide as more information as you can, like the  product pictures, weight, capacity, voltage and frequency of the motor  requested, delivery date if there's urgently need. Quotation will be sent to  your inbox immediately once everything is clear. 

Q: When will the machines be shipped? 
Darin: Normally around 45 working days.


Darin packs the machine with export standard fumigation wooden cases, which is strong ans suitable for long-distance and multi-times loading & unloading by forklift.

Pet Food Manufacturing Machinery

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