Pet Food Extruding Machine

People have fed, domesticated, and kept dogs and cats for work and/or pleasure for millennia. While scientists aren’t yet certain exactly when these animals transitioned from work animals (employed primarily to guard livestock, assist with the hunt, or catch vermin, etc.) to our best friends, dogs and cats have a long history of living with humans.

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Pet Food Extruding Line


    Research suggests that dogs were domesticated 16,000 years ago, and possibly were keeping company with humans for more than 30,000 years. By 2000 BCE, humans were giving consideration into what to feed their dogs. Roman poet and philosopher Marcus Terentius Varro wrote a manual on farming, “Farm Topics,” that advised providing dogs with meat and bones, and barley soaked in milk.


Pet Food Extruding Line focus on the production of feeds or pets with high nutritional value but low production cost. This line adopts particular process technology, and the final products have fashion shape, special tastes and scientific nutrition.


Different dog types correspond to different ones. Dog breeds are different and their sizes are also very different. Therefore, it is very important to correspond to different dog food particles for different dog types.





Touch Screen


Main Electronics

Siemens or Schneider


Any parts may contact food are made by good quality stainless steel, good grade PU belt



Q: Why us Darin? 

Darin: With more than 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing food  machines, Darin feels proud and confident to introduce our machines to you and  your esteemed company as one of the most competitive supplier in this business.  What we strive to do all the time is providing innovative machines for our  customers. 

Q: How to get a proper quotation with good price? 

Darin: Contact us directly and provide as more information as you can, like the  product pictures, weight, capacity, voltage and frequency of the motor  requested, delivery date if there's urgently need. Quotation will be sent to  your inbox immediately once everything is clear. 

Q: When will the machines be shipped? 
Darin: Normally around 45 working days. 


Darin packs the machine with export standard fumigation wooden cases, which is strong ans suitable for long-distance and multi-times loading & unloading by forklift.

Delivery Term: FOB Qingdao, by vessel

Delivery Time: 45 working days

Package: We could supply Export Standard Wooden Case, suitable for long trip and loading & unloading by forklift.

Payment Terms: T/T or L/C (30% to pay by T/T as down payment while signing the contract; the rest 70% is paid by T/T or L/C at sight before delivery.)

Installation / Operation / Service / Maintenance Manual: In English

Machine Drawing / Layout: Detail in AutoCAD format (as for actual workshop)

Installation team: Commissioning service provided for 7-10 days. The client bears the technician’s round-trip flight tickets, accommodations and daily salary of USD 100.

Warranty: One year from the date of completion of the commissioning

Pre-shipment Inspection: Supplier should trial run whole line at supplier’s factory before shipment.

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