Dog Food/Cat Food/Fish Food Making Line

Dog Food/Cat Food/Fish Food Making Line

5ton dog food/fish food/cat food making machine worked in our Beirut customer factory. This is one complete automatic dosing system with PLC control and the video showed part is 5-ton extruder. There are nine parts. 1. Material receiving, batching section. 2. One-time crushing section. 3. Blending section. 4. Extruding Section. 5. Drying section. 6. Coating Section. 7. Cooling & Grading Section. 8. Finished Product Distribution & Storage Section: 9. Control system Section. Extruder capacity is 2.5 --3ton/hr. Total power is 581.24kw Extruder need steam. 0.5 Ton Boiler are needed, the pressure rating of boiler is 0.4-0.7Mpa. Use pressure is 0.4Mpa. 7.5kw air compressor also need.

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 Dog Food/Cat Food/Fish Food Making Line

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Member of APPAUSA

Deputy President Unit of SDPIA

A High-Tech Enterprise of Shandong Province 2019

Supplier of Kellogg’s of USABill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wanpi, a public corp of China

Dog Food/Cat Food/Fish Food Making Line serves to gelatinize flours and starches continuously and automatically. After dosing, the materials are worked by two co-rotating screws composed of sectional modules for the following functions: transportation, mixing, de-gassing, cooking, and forming.


Benefits of eating dog food:

First, dog food is specially made according to the physiological characteristics and nutritional needs of dogs. Dog food contains essential protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc., with balanced nutrition. Eating alone cannot satisfy the dog's nutritional needs. Second, most dog foods are hard, and hard dog foods can clean and strengthen teeth to a certain extent. It can better exercise the dog's bite ability, clean the residue on the teeth, and maintain oral health. And rice-like food is easy to stick to the teeth, leading to food residues and causing bad breath. Third, eating more salt and seasonings will affect the dog's health and easily lead to discoloration and shedding of the dog's hair.

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Delivery-cereal bar cutting machine

Darin packs the machine with export standard fumigation wooden cases, which is strong and suitable for long-distance and multi-times loading & unloading by forklift.

Dog Food/Cat Food/Fish Food Making Line

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