Dog Biscuit Making Machine

1) Three roll cut machine
2) Laminator
3) Gauge roller
4) Rotary cutting forming machine

Product Details

Production process:

Pet biscuit equipment is mainly used for the production of teeth cleaning biscuits, for pet cats, dogs to clean the oral hygiene.The production line realizes the automatic production of all mechanical and electrical integration.Biscuit thickness adjustable, mechanical operation can be fast or slow, stepless speed regulation, and with automatic temperature control and other advanced devices.The baked food has the advantages of high yield, energy saving, reasonable structure, simple operation, high degree of automation and advanced technology.

Biscuit  food making machinery Consist Of:

Machine composition: dough mixer, roll biscuit forming machine, tunnel oven, fuel injection machine, cooling conveyor

1. Mixer: Mixing machine that kneads flour and water into dough or other materials.

Ø Can be used stand-alone, and can be matched with other equipment;

Ø Food contact parts are nickel-plated, and the hopper is made of 304 stainless steel to meet the requirements of different foods.

2. Roll-cut biscuit forming machine: Put the mixed flour into this machine, press the skin through three rollers, and then mold it once by the roll-cutting mold to become a biscuit green.

Ø Biscuit thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily;

Ø Biscuit shapes can be easily realized by changing different molds, such as round, bone-shaped, triangular, etc .;

Ø Equipped with waste recycling system, without causing any waste.

3. Tunnel oven: used for baking biscuits

 Tunnel oven consists of oven tunnel, mesh belt, transmission system, chimney, electric heating pipe and control box;

Ø Use infrared electric heating to make cookies evenly heated;

Ø Frequency conversion control box for precise control of oven temperature;

ØThe tunnel oven is divided into several different temperature zones, and the temperature of each temperature zone is controlled separately.

4. Oil sprayer: It is used to spray oil on the surface of the baked cookies, so that the surface of the cookies is uniform in color and delicious in taste.

Ø The centrifugal pump is used to extract the oil from the oil barrel, and the amount of oil can be controlled by the valve;

Ø Spray oil on the biscuit by motor drive;

Ø There is a valve on the oil pipe to control the amount of oil;

Ø Equipped with temperature control device, the fuel injection nozzle can be adjusted by 360 °.

5. Cooling conveyor: Reduce the temperature of the cookies to room temperature.

Ø Effectively reduce the temperature of cookies to facilitate packaging and storage;

Ø Conveying speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.


Additional equipments:

    1.Biscuit sandwiching machine

    2.Flow or vertical packaging  machine

    3.Cream mixer., etc.


Different kind of biscuit plant oven for making different kind of  biscuit

    After  baking, normally have good quality with natural cooling

Technical parameter:









                    Workers Needed


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