Meat strip machine

Meat strip machine

DR-126 meat strip extruding machine can extrude multi pieces of meat sticks. Different sizes and shapes can be made by changing the mold.

Product Details

Chicken and beef stick making machine advantages:

1. Lower energy consumption;

2. Pure Biomass Pellet without any additive;

3. Qualified spare parts;

4. Perfect project design with less labor work

5. Mixing and smashing fineness

6. Various shape and unique taste

7. Easy operation, accurate parameter control and speed control

8. Advanced electrical parts

Sample Photo

Fresh beef chuck, 20/80 fat to meat ratio, though any beef cut can be used. The spices are fairly basic and not overpowering. I also use just a bit of fermento to add just a touch of a tang. Fermento can be skipped though, I sometimes omit it and the final product is just as good, with a slightly different taste profile. Rytek Kutas’s recipe is quite heavy on fermento by the way, about 3 times as much as what I use in my recipe.

These beef sticks are made with either thin sheep casings (expensive), or with 18-22 mm edible collagen casings. Though I often prefer natural casings, I tend to use collagen casings to make beef sticks 90% of the time.


Interzoo 2018 Exhibition

I tried ‘baking’ them in the smokehouse first, but gave up after 40 minutes as the internal temperature was rising very slowly and the fat near surface started to melt.

Sincerely welcome you to visit us for testing our Beef Stick Forming Machine.

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