How It's Made Meat Strip

DR-126 meat strip extruding machine can extrude multi pieces of meat sticks. Different sizes and shapes can be made by changing the mold.

Product Details

Chicken and beef stick making machine advantages:


DARIN's Auto Meat Strip Processing Line is new Patent of DARIN, with the following advanges: 

1. Full automatic tray system mainly is used for providing continuous individual tray to meat strip machine. To make products which produced by meat strip machine be cut according to tray`s dimension and automatically enter into tray, it is convenient for subsequent baking link.
2. Full automatic tray system can automatically pick and place tray through mechanical arm, equipped with tray store. With very high auotmation, can heavily save cost and manual labor intensity.
3. Two layers belts design, meat strip comes on upper belt, and trays comes on nether belt.
4. Top quality  photoelectric sensors ensure meat strip and tray exactly matches each other, precisely length cutting control, labor saving, suitable for high standard meat strip producing. 
5. Whole system is composed by trays storage, trays picking up, trays conveying, auto cutter, etc.


  • Chicken Snack Stick Forming Machine advantages:

  • 1. Lower energy consumption;

  • 2. Pure Biomass Pellet without any additive;

  • 3. Qualified spare parts;

  • 4. Perfect project design with less labor work;

  • 5. Mixing and smashing fineness;

  • 6. Various shape and unique taste;

  • 7. Easy operation, accurate parameter control and speed control;

  • 8. Advanced electrical parts.

The Dual Thermometer system in each MeatStick probe is fully water proof and designed to withstand up to 300°C. The high heat capability means it's perfect for use in ovens, rotisserie domes, smokers, kettle braais or even directly on your braai grid. Ready to feed you realtime updates of the internal temperature of your meat, as well as the ambient cooking temperature of your braai.

Once your dish is set up, the IOS & Android App does all the work monitoring your dish for you, sending updates directly to your smart phone via push notifications, letting you know when your perfectly cooked rotisserie roast is ready to take off the heat!

You can connect up to 8x MeatStick probes simultaneously through The MeatStick App!Meaning you can prepare multiple cuts of meat at the same time, or even monitor different dishes independently.

Technical details





Air source

0.5-.0.8 Mpa

Air Comsumption


Tray Dimension


Quantity of Placing Tray One Tim






Machine weight


Sample picture

meat strip machine with auto tray system

Machine picture

meat strip machine with auto tray loader and cutter

meat strip machine

meat strip machine with auto tray system

meat strip machine with auto tray loader and cutter


meat strip machine

Our Service

1) Oversea commissioning service provided, our technician will help to install the machine, and teach local workers about operation and maintenance. Buyer should pay for engineer's round flight ticket, accommodation and salary.

2) One year gurantee since the completion of commissioning service. 

3) Auto CAD layout will be provided as client's workshop size.

4) English operation manual will be provided.

5) Full life after-sales service.

Darin Factory

meat strip machine with auto tray system

meat strip machine with auto tray loader and cutter

Client Visit

meat strip machine

Darin Exhibition

meat strip machine with auto tray system

The MeatStick Charger breathes life into your MeatStick Probes, giving you 24 hours of up time between charges. The Bluetooth Xtender allows you to move about freely, with up to 90 meter range(direct line of sight) or 30 Meter range indirectly. The Wifi Bridge connects your MeatStick probes to the MeatStick Cloud, allowing you to view realtime data through the App via the internet, from anywhere in the world. The built-in screen also lets you view realtime data on the DARIN itself, without having to reach for your phone.

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