Lecithin Soft Dog Chews Cold Extrusion Machinery

Lecithin Soft Dog Chews Cold Extrusion Machinery is specially used to produce 100% meat jerky snacks, act as treats for dog and cat. Also, shaped biscuits, core filled treats can be produced by easily change the molds. The shape of jerky treats can be heart, cyinder, chips, strip.

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The present invention relates to a pet chew product comprising a skin of a first thermoplastic starch-based material enveloping a core of a second thermoplastic starch-based material, wherein the first and second thermoplastic starch-based materials may be the same or different, the core having a density or hardness lower than the skin, wherein the pet chew product is produced under constrained cooling conditions.

A chewy, semi-plastic, non-porous, microbiologically-stable dog food which includes: 12 to about 30 weight percent, based upon the total weight of the dog food, of gelatin; at least one acidulant; at least one cereal starch-containing textural agent; at least one release agent; at least one taste agent; at least one sugar; salt; and added water. The dog food is in a compacted form. The dog food has a pH of about 3 to 5, and has a moisture content of about 10 to about 25 weight percent, based upon the weight of the dog food. The process for preparing the dog food includes: (a) mixing the dry components and liquid components with low speed agitation and continuing the mixing until a dough is obtained; (b) forming the dough by compacting into compacted dog snacks or biscuits; (c) conditioning the compacted dough at 185° to 200° F. for about 7 to 8 minutes; and (d) packaging the compacted dog snacks or biscuits in a protective package.

Lecithin Soft Dog Chews Cold Extrusion Machinery is  specially used to produce 100% meat jerky snacks, and act as treats for dog and  cat. Also, shaped biscuits, core filled treats can be produced by easily change  the molds. The shape of jerky treats can be heart, cyinder, chips, strip.

Extruded pet food products can be divided into three main categories: dry (e.g. kibbles), semi-moist (chewy) and treats. Clextral twin-screw technology enables pet food makers to control all process parameters so that each product has the right features best suited, for example, for cats or dogs: crispiness, degree of hardness or suppleness, size, shape, airiness, flavor, etc. They can also customize their recipes to cater to specific criteria: animal gender, age, energy requirements, etc. This allows them to make pet foods that are balanced nutritionally for animals and that are also attractive for pet owners: convenient to store and serve, esthetically pleasing, providing value for money, etc.

Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems can integrate a wide range of ingredients into pet food formulations: wheat and corn flour or grits, soy meal, meat and fish flour, animal and vegetable fat and minerals, amino acids and vitamins. They can also include additives such as texturing agents, flavor enhancers, and preservatives.

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1.Patented design to produce jerky treats with different shapes and sizes.

2.Controlled by PLC and touch screen with friendly interface and fault display function.

3.Two extrusion machines work together can make double color/co-extrusion treats.

4.The mold can be customized as customer’s requirement. The machine include one mold.

Process flow: raw material mixing → extrusion → cooling → cutting → drying

Features  & Advantages
1.  Professioal technical team designs production line to meet your demand.
2. Help our custom to develop the old production line and carry out new  products.
3. Consult service before,during and after-sale.
4. Production line planning and design .
5. Factory lay out planning .
6. Debugging of equipments until producing products and everything is normal.
7. New production techniques and formulars.
8.Supply with 12 months wanttery and life-time maintenance.

This production line was developed by our company in recent years. Combining the habits and health requirements of canines, we use the nutrients of plants to produce pet snack foods of different colors through high temperature and high pressure. The chewable product has the function of grinding teeth, in addition to bad breath and tartar, which can effectively improve the intestinal function and reduce the stench. The whole production line has reasonable design, flexible configuration and strong adaptability.

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