How It's Made Lecithin Soft Pet Chewing Food

Cold extrusion pet food production line is specially used to produce 100% meat jerky snacks, act as treats for dog and cat. Also, shaped biscuits, core filled treats can be produced by easily change the molds. The shape of jerky treats can be heart, cyinder, chips, strip.

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How It's Made Lecithin Soft Pet Chewing Food:

How It's Made Lecithin Soft Pet Chewing Food: Cold Extrusion Machine is equipment for producing pet treats, suitable for pet food without casing directly baked meat and meat products, widely used in pet food article beef, article chicken, beef rod, chicken rod production and processing. The procedure includes: Forming meat strip - Cutting as required length - Loading meat strip by tray automatically - Drying to required moisture - Cooling meat striplecithin treats machine02

1. Germany WEG motor, three years worldwide guarantee

2. PLC and touch screen to control the whole line, all faults will display on the touch screen

3. ABB or Schneider electric parts

4. NSK bearings

5. All parts touch with raw materials or final products are made of stainless steel 304

6. 24V operation voltage, assure the safety of operators

Features  & Advantages
1.  Professioal technical team designs production line to meet your demand.
2. Help our custom to develop the old production line and carry out new  products.
3. Consult service before,during and after-sale.
4. Production line planning and design .
5. Factory lay out planning .
6. Debugging of equipments until producing products and everything is normal.
7. New production techniques and formulars.
8.Supply with 12 months wanttery and life-time maintenance.

How It's Made Lecithin Soft Pet Chewing Food: This production line was developed by our company in recent years. Combining the habits and health requirements of canines, we use the nutrients of plants to produce pet snack foods of different colors through high temperature and high pressure. The chewable product has the function of grinding teeth, in addition to bad breath and tartar, which can effectively improve the intestinal function and reduce the stench. The whole production line has reasonable design, flexible configuration and strong adaptability.

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