What's Shape Dog Treats You Want To Feed To Dog?

                             What's shape dog treats you want to feed to your dog?

In the market, there are lots of dog food and dog snacks for sale. Do you know how those dental treats to make and what's shape more suit for your dog?

Below photo showing machine is called dog dental treats injection molding machine. 

The pellets material feed to the hopper, then flow to screw. The pellets will melt and injection to the mold. Shape to different shapes. It produce dental care treats and protect your dog teeth. 


The mold photo


What's shape injection molding machine could do? Let me show you. 

Bone shape

The most common shape is Bone Shape. 


Brush Shape  also welcome in Market. Like people brush teeth. Brush shape will brush dog teeth. So  customer prefer to choose this shpe. 


Some shape have any animal shapes and toys. It also could help dog teech health. The snacks could chew long time for fun to dog.

The shape with more angles, it will improve the dog teeth health and  chewing long times.

No matter which shape you choose, dog like it, that's enough. 

If you need the dog treats injection molding machine, I would share more information with you also. 

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