What Are The Benefits Of Dough Mixers And Noodles

The dough mixer is the basic equipment for the pasta processing process, which facilitates production and improves efficiency. There are many types of dough mixers on the market, and there are many models, but the principle of their activities is similar. So what is the principle and how does it work? Which pastas can be used for processing? 

After continuous market research and long-term research, the ordinary dough mixer is to mix and stir the flour and water in a certain proportion quickly and evenly to promote the full dissolution of the dough protein. In order to further improve the quality of the surface, there is a vacuum and noodle machine, which is required for the surface state, and the working principle is very similar. The dough mixer is smoother, tougher and more delicate than the traditional kneading.


The application range of the dough mixer is also quite extensive. Like many hoe houses and buns shops, it is not only equipped with dough mixers, but also purchased the hoe machine and the bun machine, which not only ensures the sanitary conditions, but also improves the efficiency and saves. cost. Nowadays, the canteens of major universities have also introduced their equipment, and the trend of dough mixers in the market is getting better and better. In addition, the technology is constantly maturing, and the noodle machine is constantly improving and upgrading.