The Buns Machine Leads The New Era Of Steaming Bags

As a popular food, buns are not only cute in shape, but also delicious in taste. But making buns is a very tedious task, which requires too much labor, so the cost is relatively high; but now only 2-3 people can complete Not only improved efficiency but also improved sanitary conditions. How did all this work? The answer is an automatic bun machine.

The automatic bun machine is a very advanced buns production equipment. First use the dough mixer and good noodles, put the dough into the steamer machine dough, use the vegetable cutter to make the vegetable stuffing, and then mix the stuffing with the stuffing machine. And adjust the taste, put it into the stuffing hopper inside the buns. Set the parameters, the automatic bun machine can automatically complete the process of making the buns, and make a very beautiful nine-pleated chrysanthemum top steaming package. According to your needs, you can make food bags, meat bags, bean paste bags and so on.

Performance characteristics

1. The filling stuffing method uses the funnel and paddle filling method. This filling method can ensure the uninterrupted conveying of the filling material. The slight rolling will not damage the vegetable fiber structure, but can make the filling material more substantial.

2. The steaming machine is driven by a double-stranded dragon. The dough is further pressed while entering the surface. The buns that are made out are softer. As long as the dough in the dough is uninterrupted, the buns made are as beautiful as they are.

3. Steaming machine using advanced production and production process, the density of the buns is higher, the bun skin is soft and elastic, the pores are even, and the surface is delicate and smooth.

4. The use of digital control panel, the surface, filling adjustment further intelligent, buns size adjustment intelligent, simple operation error, easy to get started.

5. Space occupancy is relatively small, does not require a large area of the console.