Shantou Machinery: How To Make The Steamed Bread Soft And Strong

Shantou looks very simple, but to make a soft and glutinous hoe, it still needs a certain skill, from the face, face to face, you need to master and grasp, in order to make a soft hoe, what are the gimmicks? Let's take a look at it.

When you meet in the summer, you should use cool water and noodles. In winter, you should use warm water, and it will take longer to wake up in winter. It is better to mix the good dough several times, so that the starch and protein in the flour can absorb the water better. When the surface is refreshed, the dough should be in a honeycomb shape.

Before the steaming of the steamed bread on the steamed bread, the surface of the steamed bread will be sleek for a while, and the surface of the steamed bread will be rounded, and the cut portion will be rounded and steamed. You can't steam the steamed bun in order to save time or water. This will make the steamed bun suddenly encounter hot air. It should be added with cold water, then the steamed bun is installed, and the heating is gradually heated to make the steamed bun evenly and steamed. The hoe is also relatively soft.

Nowadays, the molding of the steamed bread from the dough to the dough and then to the steamed bread is operated by mechanization. It is not only time-saving and labor-saving than the hand-made steamed bread, but also the size of the steamed bread is uniform and the taste is good. For example, the knife-cutting head machine is a hand-made roll surface, which has a strong sense of layering and does not hurt the gluten. The formed dough is shiny, and the taste is good and chewy, which solves the problem of slow hand-made cooking.