Rotary Pouch Packing Machine In USA

Rotary pouch packing machine in USA, used to pack dental pet treat.

The packing system includes Z shape elevator, working platform, multi head weigher, rotary pouch packing machine, full automatic.

Darin Rotary Pouch Packing Machine can pack the bag style from flat bag, stand-up bag, side spout bag & so on. It can match different dosing system packing the products from solid, liquid, granule, powder & so on.


The packaging machine control filling signal to avoid wasting materials..

No bag or not opening bag will no filling and no sealing to avoid wasting bags.

We use the mechanical cam working style which is the most stable working method in the world to guarantee we can have good quality & easy maintain packaging machine with faster speed & lower lower power consumption & durable use every day.

The packaging machine adopt stable circuit structure & human-machine interface & PLC & advanced technologies such as frequency control to provide easier operation & lower maintenance costs.

The packaging machine adopt Mechanical cam then reduce the oiling parts using & easier maintain in everyday use.

Equipped with Dust Collector and Durst Cleaning Device to ensure the workshop’s clean conditions;

Fully automatic and continuous for packing many kinds of food or materials;

Excellent complete machine performance and nice packing;

Many kings of packages can be used, like stand-up bag, flat bag (3sides & 4sides bag), PE bag, zipper bag, etc.

Minimize the loss with complete automatic alarm protection function;

Maximize the whole machine’s control precision, reliability and intelligent zed level. 

Touch screen can store the technical parameters of various kinds of products, no need to reset while products changing.

Hot sealing to strongly seal the package, which can hold an adult’s weight (more than 100kg);

Fully made by stainless steel 304;