Pet Fair Asia New Product And New Design

Pet Fair Asia New Product and New Design

Two weeks ago, Julia and lily went to Shanghai attend the Pet Fair Asia and found some new design product. We will explain what's machine could make those pet food snacks.

1.First one. Injection Dog food Treats. Toothbrush  and toothpaste. This is very wonderful creativity. 

Brush is very normal shape. Cooperate with toothpaste is good idea and first time to see it in market.

This product will suit for using our pet treats injection molding machine. Injection molding machine could design different shape product changing the mold. It is very popular in oversea market. In 2020, we  export this machine to Mexico 3 sets, South Africa 1 sets, Bulgaria 1sets, India 3 sets.


Also have other beautiful treats in pet fair asia. Ring Shape


Starmark Shape


Sea animal shape

sea animal

Toochbrush and toothpaste shape

tooth paste

2. Second Product. Dog Chewing Treats.  This product will use the dog treats extruding machine. 

Please kindly check the right side machine photos.

dog fooddog treats extruding machine

Other shapes of dog chewing treats.

dog treatstreat

Today I will share those new product and machine. I will share more details in soon later time.