Pasta Processing Equipment Common Problems And Solutions

Symptom 1:

There is a black surface in the face bucket

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

1. Too much oil injection - proper oiling

2. The bushing is seriously worn - replace the bushing

3. Oil seal damage - replace the oil seal

Fault phenomenon 2:

The phenomenon of pulling and suffocating in the machine work occurs.

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

1. The agitator is not turning right - cut off the power supply adjustment wiring

2. Too much amount of face - reduce the amount of face, so that it does not exceed the machine and the amount of face

3. Ordinary V belt is too loose - tighten the ordinary V belt

4. The chain is too loose or worn out - tighten the chain or replace it in time

Fault phenomenon 3:

Noisy noise

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

1. Gear lacks oil - proper lubrication

2. Gear gap change - adjust the gap