Noodle Machine Maintenance Work

1. Clean the machine carefully after each use to ensure that the food is hygienic. When cleaning, do not use a sharpener to scrape two rolls, or use a spray pipe to clean.

2. Each shift is filled with lubricating oil from the fueling point to the gear. The gear oil or 20# oil or edible oil can be used. It is advisable to add dozens of drops per time to fill the turbine, worm and bearing. The grease is replaced once every six months, and calcium-based grease is used.

3. Check the tightness and wear of the ordinary V belt and adjust or replace it in time.

4. When the machine is deactivated for a long time, a small amount of food oil should be applied to the surface of the two rolls to prevent rust.

5. During operation, prevent hard objects from entering the rolls to avoid damaging the two rolls.

All maintenance and warranty work must be carried out after the power is cut off. In order to improve the quality of the noodles, prolong the service life of the machine and save energy, please adjust the roll gap from thick to thin in the operation, and the thickness of the face is 2-4. Times. And do not put your hand close to the roll to avoid accidental injury.