Mini Granola Bar Former With Automatic Packing Machine

Darin new designd auto forming line is full automatic, including sugar melting cooking pan, mini granola bar former and auto sorting and packing machine.


Production and packing is fully automatic.

Small floor space: 10㎡

Low power consumption: 2.2kw

Low investment.

Operator required: 1

Material: nuts, melon seeds, fruits, pop rice, granola, or their mixture

Versatile products: nut bar, granola bar, rice bar, fruits bar, energy bar...

Binder: jaggery, glucose, honey, dates, chocolate, fruit jam....

Setting up: ready set up before delivery, just need connecting cable line.

Easy to learn: one hour online training

Lead time: 18 days

Package: Export wooden case, suitable for long terms transportation.

Provides: recipes