How To Solve The Problem Of The Dough Mixer

The following common problems occur during the use of the dough mixer:

1, There are black faces in the face

This situation is caused by the wear of the internal mixing shaft, oil seal, sealing disc, etc. of the dough mixer. Due to the damage caused by the wearing parts for a long time, the replacement of the wearing parts can be relatively simple. The merchant can replace it by himself.

2, Noise when the surface is noisy

This situation may be caused by the lack of lubrication of the machine gear for a long time, resulting in lack of oil in the gear. This requires us to use a smoother lubricating oil for the first time when the machine is running for 300 hours. The residual oil should be removed when replacing it; it will be replaced every three months. No. 20/30 oil can be used.

Another reason is that the gear gap changes and the gap is adjusted.

In general, the dough mixer is used with the steamed bread machine. The noise of the steamed bread machine is small, and the dough mixer is inevitably sounded due to its machine principle. It is recommended to select a 380V voltage or a dough mixer with a reducer.

3, The machine appears to be unable to move or boring

There are many reasons for this. The most important one is due to too much amount of noodles. Generally, the dough mixer has a model description. From the Silver Eagle series to the noodle machine, it ranges from 12.5 kg to 150 kg. Merchants should choose the dough mixer that is compatible with their own machines. For example, the buns are produced at home, and the amount is very large every day. When using the steamed buns, it is necessary to match the dough mixer with 100 kg or more, so as to coordinate and improve production efficiency.

In addition, the daily maintenance work of the dough mixer is very important, only the daily maintenance and maintenance can ensure the long-term operation of the machine.