Future Food Machinery Energy Saving And Emission Reduction Is The Development Focus

China's convenience foods are being gradually recognized by the market, by the media and consumers. Enterprises are reflecting on success and failure and looking for their own correct and stable development path. With the integration and adjustment of the convenience food industry, the competitiveness of convenience food machinery is also growing. From the past price competition to the research and development competition, improving the independent innovation ability will become an important support for improving the overall quality of the convenience food machinery.

The development of the convenience food machinery industry should take a long-term view and add environmental protection and other factors to its new research and development process. In the development of convenient food machinery, it is necessary to grasp the standards of food enterprises for various convenience food machinery, and to produce machinery and equipment that meet the requirements of the convenience food industry.

The special equipment developed for Chinese traditional foods is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and refined. In particular, independent innovation products targeting the traditional Chinese pasta industry have shown the industrial upgrading trend of China's equipment manufacturing industry, while the machine and fritters Stretching equipment, etc. will be common issues in the industry that need to be solved.

In the food industry, food machinery plays a very important role in ensuring food safety, personal health, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of by-products. However, because traditional design methods rarely consider environmental attributes and food safety attributes, it will lead to waste of resources, pollution of the ecological environment, and the quality and safety of processed foods are difficult to be guaranteed.

In the food industry industry chain, some parts of the food and packaging machinery energy consumption, waste emissions, such as high-power motors, wastewater treatment equipment, etc., high production costs, the need to develop energy-saving emission reduction technology and equipment.

In recent years, the economic operation of the food machinery industry has highlighted the industry characteristics of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry with strong policy orientation and strong anti-risk ability. Industry experts predict that in order to complete the task of energy conservation and emission reduction, the food machinery industry in the next 5 to 10 years will become an important sector for promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in China, and its market potential should not be underestimated.