Eliminate Illegal Operation Of Mechanical Equipment

1. The person responsible for the operation of the equipment is the responsibility of the professional. It is strictly forbidden for other personnel to operate the pressing machine at will.

2. The equipment should be placed firmly and smoothly. Check whether there are any debris inside the machine and whether the parts are normal before use.

3. The equipment is idling, check whether the running direction is consistent with the direction marked by the machine, whether there is noise or the like, and the normal use is to be confirmed after confirmation.

4. Try to arrange two people in the work, remind each other to supervise, it is strictly prohibited to reach into the roll protection net.

5. Do not put too much dough, too little, adjust the gap between the rolls according to the size of the dough, the processed surface is placed at the specified location, fixed point set to store as required.

6. The equipment is regularly inspected and repaired, including tightening screws, wiring, protective devices, etc., and lubricating oil should be added regularly. If there is any fault, it should be solved in time.

7. When the machine fails and needs to be repaired, it is necessary to find a professional to carry out maintenance. The operator is strictly forbidden to disassemble.

8. If the machine does not need to be covered for a long time, especially the pressure roller part, it is necessary to do rust prevention work.