Dog Cowhide Bone Treat Press Machine

Rawhide Dog Treats Pressing Machines


Veterinarians generally do not recommend bones for dogs' molars, because many bones are too hard, the bones are sharp and sharp after biting, and it is easy to scratch the dog's intestine. It can be removed by laparotomy, which is not good for dogs. If you want to grind your teeth, you can let the dog eat snacks made from cowhide instead.

1)  It is type of Flour Column and Three Board, the upmost output tonnage is 40t.

2)  It can be adjusted among the range of 5t-60t according to the different products` procedures, the purpose is to arrive the best required output.

3)  Well, our DR-60T Pressing Machine has two types, manual operation and automatic operation, meanwhile, it can count and timing automatically, safe and protective.

4)  In addition, our DR-60T Pressing Machine`s middle plate and lower plate open two-article T-slot respectively, the pressure system is rear-mounted and the below equips with horizontal floor mat.

5) After pressing, the mold plate can be moved outside, so that it could well protect the operator`s safety..

6) Equipped with safety grate protector: While the worker places the rawhide to the mould manually, the protector will check it and forbid the machine to make any action. Only after the worker leave the machine, the protector should allow the machine to start by pressing the two palm buttons.

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Rawhide Bone Makign Machine

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31 Rawhide Bone Making Machine

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