Detailed Introduction Of The Mixing Machine

The mixing machine (mixing machine) has the characteristics of high efficiency and uniform mixing, which improves the production efficiency and noodle quality of the cutting equipment, and is mainly used for pastry filling, dry powder and pharmaceutical.


How to use: Pour the flour into the barrel, open the switch, and add the appropriate amount of water (the ratio of flour to water is about 4:1 when making noodles). When the standard is required, turn off the switch and take out the mixed noodles or ingredients.


Matters needing attention 1. Turn on the power before driving, test run, check whether the various parts of the machine are normal


2. Observe whether the direction of rotation of the stirring fin is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow;


3. Do not perform any kind of maintenance and maintenance during the operation of the machine to avoid injury.


4. At each interval, fill the gear bearing with a proper amount of gear oil or lubricating oil, check whether the oil seal has oil leakage, and find that the damage is repaired and replaced in time. Do not put your hand into the tube when the machine is running. The machine must be grounded, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage.


Common fault analysis and elimination 

Fault phenomenon: the machine work efficiency is low, there is a boring phenomenon


Cause: Ordinary V belt is too loose or severely worn


Remedy: Adjust the distance between the pulleys to make the belts tightly elastic; when the belt is seriously worn, replace it.


Mixing machine, mixing machine, and dough mixer work differently, the effect is different, please buy according to your needs, do not blindly buy.