Darin Sales Will Work During National Day

 China will start the 8 days holidays from Oct. 1st to Oct 8th.  But Darin Sales will still work online when you have any questions about our machine, we will reply to your information as soon as possible. 

The below photo is our pet food. There show our dog treats injection molding machine, rawhide bone making machine, cold extruder machine and pet food making machine.

pet food machine (2)

This is dog treats extruding line. 

Dog Food Making Machine

This is cold dog treats extruding line


Muesli Bar Making Machine

granola bar machine

This is corn Flakes making machine

corn flake making machine

This is puffed Snacks Making Machine

Corn Puffed Snacks Extruder Line

This is core filled Snacks making machine. 

Corn Filled Pillow Snacks Machine

we will be online at any time and any interesting machine, feel free to leave a message to us.