Darin Machines In Thailand

Installation and commissioning of pet injection molding machine in Thailand

As required by the customer, darin arranged technicians to go to the customer's factory in Thailand for installation and commissioning.


Just 5 days, through communication and professional technology, let the machine work perfectly, and let the machine.


1. Confirm the machine type: Negotiate with the customer to select the correct machine according to the customer's requirements.

2. Quote and sign the company contract: After confirming all details with the customer, such as payment terms, model, delivery time, send a formal quote to the customer.

After sale

1. After the equipment arrives at the customer's factory, send an engineer there to install it and make sure the customer knows how to operate the machine.

2. In order to improve our products, we keep close contact with our customers to understand their feedback and suggestions.

Mold injection machine

All the customers give a lot of praise after using our machines, we have the confidence and adhere to the customer as the center, to ensure the benefit of customers, to ensure the quality of machines, welcome the general customers to visit our company and visit.

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