Daily Use Precautions For The Bun Machine

1. The feeding mechanism of the bun machine and the blade are strictly prohibited from using bad objects such as knocking and smashing during disassembly and assembly;

2. After the machine is used up, carefully clean it. Do not use the spray pipe to directly flush the machine to prevent the motor from entering the water and causing danger.

3. Before use, the machine should be placed on a dry and level ground to ensure that the machine works smoothly and reliably. Carefully check whether there are any foreign objects in the stuffing bucket and the auger in the conveying surface, and clean up in time;

4. Check the tightness and wear of the ordinary V belt and adjust or replace it in time. The V-belt tensioning method can adjust the adjusting bolt on the upper side of the motor base to adjust the V-belt tightness.

5, Each shift should be refueling point (marked on the product) to fill the amount of lubricant (according to the amount of self-control to increase the amount of lubrication, to ensure lubrication).

6. When the machine is working, if the machine sound is not normal, it must be stopped and checked immediately. After the trouble is removed, it can continue to be used.

7. All maintenance and maintenance work must be performed after the power is turned off.

In the daily use process, it can be used with the dough mixer and the vegetable cutter to greatly improve the efficiency of the steamer. It is a must for the catering industry.