Correct Choice Of Food Processing Equipment

For many large enterprises, the automation and intelligent production lines will be directly considered, and the investment cost may be high, which is a small expense for small and medium-sized processing enterprises. Equipment production can reduce labor, increase productivity, and allow enterprises to meet the safety and hygiene production standards. Therefore, the odd jobs of hand workshops are being replaced by machinery. Common equipment such as steamed bread machine, vegetable cutting machine, steamed bread machine, etc. I can see it.

There are many types of food processing equipment in China, and it is necessary to carefully consider the equipment that is suitable for its own production. Blind choices may result in problems such as discontinued parts and equipment, and are a pile of iron for advanced, high-quality equipment.

1. Before purchasing equipment, you must know your processing purpose, and then choose the model according to your own needs. For example, a large canteen must choose a large-capacity steamed bread machine, while a small steamed bread processing only needs a medium-output steamed bread machine.

2. Whether the equipment operation method and processing principle will cause damage to the food materials that you want to process.

3. The technical content and overall structure of the equipment are also very important. The development of science and technology is relatively fast. If you do not choose equipment with high technical content, it may be eliminated in a few years just like a mobile phone. The purchase of equipment accessories after elimination is also more troublesome. one thing.